As we all know, there are some old fashioned home remedies that actually have some merit. On the other hand, we all know of home remedies that are just, well, weird and kind of gross. that's the basis of this video. A lot of the home remedies in this video are cringe worthy.

Believe it or not, at one time, heroin was once used for a treatment for drug addiction. Arsenic was used to treat a variety of complaints and smoking was once actually used as a treatment for asthma attacks. If that's not odd enough for you, one civilization thought that tying cooked bacon around your throat would relieve the pain of a sore throat.

There are 33 such odd cures and treatments in this video and some of them actually have some merit to them. We've all seen westerns where some traveling "doctor" was arrested or tarred and feathered for selling snake oil and yet, the ancient Chinese used snake oil pretty extensively.

Thanks to John Green and the folks at Mental Floss for another great, informational video.