Let's talk about food today. Now, I don't care that French toast isn't French or that Italian Wedding Soup has nothing to do with Italy or weddings, but it's interesting to find how many foods we think are authentic ethnic cuisines that are really just foods with foreign sounding names.

Mental Floss is such a great source for interesting, off-beat information and one video they posted recently has to do with the subject of foods that are considered to be from other countries when, in fact, a great many of those ethnic sounding foods were invented right here in the states.

Why is French dressing called "French" when it probably started here in the states. You'd think it would at least be a variation on an old French recipe, but no, it's not and it was Kraft's first pourable dressing way back in the 20s.

Would you be surprised to know that the ever popular Caesar salad has nothing to do with Julius Caesar? Well, the dish wasn't even named after the potent potentate, the dish comes from Mexico.

Those are just a few of the food facts you'll learn in this great video from Mental Floss.