I know this is hardly a news flash, but it's hot out side. People who work outdoors are, of course, much more likely to become dehydrated, but even folks who work in an air conditioned environment can be subject to dehydration as well.

I experienced this first hand a few months ago. I had no idea I was dehydrated, but as I was sitting and talking to a friend of mine, I suddenly became aware that my right arm was tingling like crazy and the sensation traveled up my arm and the next thing I knew, I was being revived on the floor.

I had no idea why I suddenly passed out and I was somewhat relieved to find out that it was a simple case of dehydration. How lucky am I that I was not driving a car or something.

I thought with this incredible heat we've been having lately, I would post the symptoms of dehydration. Luckily, the cure is simple. Drink plenty of liquids, but especially water throughout the day and, chances are, you won't be waking up on the floor!

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