By counting the amount of Mexican restaurants here in Lake Charles, National Taco Day should be HUGE, especially if you can score some free tacos today.

Taco Day Deals To Check Out:

  • You can get two free tacos at Jack in the Box if you join their loyalty club.
  • Long John Silver's has free fish and shrimp tacos.
  • Taco Bell has a fairly lame four-taco "Gift Box" deal for $5.
  • Burger King for a limited time, at participating restaurants, have $1 crispy tacos.

Two different surveys from National Today and SWNS show some pretty cool taco facts, like:

1. According to one survey, our favorite taco filling is carne asada with 26% of the vote, however the second survey actually found chicken is #1.

2. 71% of us prefer tacos over burritos.

3. People in the western U.S. states are more likely to prefer hard tacos over soft tacos.

4. The average hard taco fan eats 7.3 tacos a month: they're more likely to enjoy spicy food, be a dog person, and an extrovert.

5. The average soft taco fan eats 6.9 tacos a month: they're more likely to be a cat person. a night owl, and be in a relationship.

6. Does a beer or a margarita go better with tacos? Margarita was the top answer.

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