Let's think back a bit. There was a time when you could buy a soda - Dr Pepper, Coca-Cola, etc. - from the store, and you had the chance of winning prizes on the bottle caps. My favorites, and the ones that I always remember the most, were the times when you would win a free bottle of whatever soda you were drinking. There were also caps that - when redeemed at the store - would give you a buy one, get one free deal.

Then, as time went on, the companies kind of changed it up a bit. Then, you would get codes on the bottom of the caps that you could redeem online for points. Yes, the prizes were bigger, if you racked up enough points for that. However, they moved away from the simple "win another drink free" idea. It just went away.

I say all that to ask this: Can we bring it back?

Not only was it convenient to win a free bottle of soda, but it was somewhat exciting to win. I know it's such a simple thing, but it did give you a bit of a smile to win a soda - especially if you're like me and aren't prone to winning raffles and drawings very often.

It seems like such a simple request. Can we just bring back the winning bottle caps? I'm not talking about the ones with codes you have to redeem...I'm talking about the ones that either had a winning message, or a "Please Play Again" message printed on them.

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