Yes we are the station giving you two chances each weekday to win $1,000. We thought we would give you some ideas on what you could buy with $1,000. We even give you the links so you can just click and shop after you win your $1,000.

Don Rivers


What could you buy with the one thousand dollars you win? You could buy 316 blue cowbells. You could pay your Obamacare premium for a family for one month and have $98 left. You could buy Mistletoe and Moss tickets for 125 people. You could buy 66 general admission tickets to a McNeese Cowboys football game. You could buy turkey costumes for 11 kids. You could buy 20 "Christmas Story" desktop Leg Lamps. You could buy 20 kittens from a shelter. You could buy 18 "Duck Dynasty" Phil costume sets. What you do with the one thousand dollars you win is up to you. Just remember that we are giving you two chances every weekday to win $1,000! It's only weekdays in November so win yours soon.

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