On Tuesday the president will talk to the nation about Syria. It will be an oval office speech aimed at public support for the president's proposed military action in Syria. It would seem to be quite an uphill battle for President Obama. That is if especially true if Southwest Louisiana has anything to say about it.

There will be an early week senate vote on military action in Syria. It seems that maybe a miracle will happen and senators will actually represent their district's wishes. Most of America is heavily opposed top this action. CNN reports  According to an ABC News/Washington Post survey released Tuesday, 36% of the public supports launching missile strikes against the forces of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad if the U.S. has determined that Damascus has used chemical weapons against its own citizens, with nearly six in ten opposing such a move.

There are even big groups that supported Obama's election that are now spending big money to keep this military action from happening. According to a Fox News report during a recent 24-hour vote, more than 70 percent of MoveOn's members came out against military strikes.

The President will need to bolster support from his own party. Democratic senator Mark Pryor from Arkansas issued a public statement saying "I can not support military action against Syria at this time." So what did Southwest Louisiana say about this issue in our poll?

poll Syria

The question was should The United States military intervene in Syria? The large majority (75%) of you said no. Undecideds made up 16% of our respondents while only eight percent said yes. We will take another poll after the presidents speech.


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