Besides the candy, what excited you the most about Halloween?  Dressing up in costume of course.

Cosmopolitan magazine has assembled an amazing list of pop culture Halloween costumes that everyone was wearing on your birth year.

I'm a huge Superman mark, lo and behold, for my birth year of 1979 Superman was the number one costume people were wearing.

According to the ratings our strongest listening audience is persons 35 - 64, so I'll focus on your birth years but I'll add a link at the end of the article so if your's isn't listed you can check it out.

  • 1984: The Ghost Busters
  • 1983: Madonna
  • 1982: Annie
  • 1981: Indiana Jones
  • 1980: Daisy from The Dukes Of Hazzard
  • 1979: Superman
  • 1978: Tony Manero from Saturday Night Fever
  • 1977: Princess Leia
  • 1976: Rocky Balboa
  • 1975: Jaws
  • 1974: Daisy Buchanan from The Great Gatsby
  • 1973: Jan Brady
  • 1972: The Godfather
  • 1971: Willy Wonka
  • 1970: The Beatles
  • 1969: Elvis Presley
  • 1968: Casper The Friendly Ghost

Didn't see your birth year?  Click here to find the number one Halloween costume on your birth year.

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