A survey earlier this week found over a quarter of us haven't even started our Christmas shopping yet.

This next survey may have found why we're avoiding it like the plague.  SWNS Digital surveyed its readers on the biggest holiday stressors.

Here are the top ten:

  1. Shopping for gifts.  37% ranked it as one of the most stressful aspects of the holidays.
  2. Traveling and visiting family.
  3. Extra cooking.
  4. Receiving gifts.  So getting presents stresses a lot of us out?
  5. Dealing with crowds and long lines.
  6. Other shopping-related stressors.
  7. Attending parties and social events.
  8. Family politics.
  9. Fitting in extra work.  Especially if you work at a store, or in the service industry.
  10. Hosting friends and family.

In general, 69% of people in the survey admitted they sometimes turn to "unhealthy" coping mechanisms to deal with stress, like junk food and alcohol.  And the average person spends $960 a year just trying to de-stress.

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