I remember Lily Tomlin saying that if we all grew up to be what we wanted to be, the world would be full of cowboys and ballerinas.I'm sure those career choices have changed over the years, but the bottom line is, very few of us grow up to be what we thought we wanted to be when we were kids.

What do you suppose Harrison Ford had in mind for himself? How about Christopher Walkin?

Well, here are the answers

1. Jennifer Lawrence wanted to be a doctor.

Getty Images/Dan Kitwood

2. Steve Buscemi was a New York City firefighter before becoming an actor . . . and he went right out into the danger zone after 9/11.

Getty Images/Pascal Le Segretain

3. Christopher Walken was a lion tamer in the circus when he was 15, although he says the lion was very old and, quote, "really more like a dog."

Getty Images/ Jason Kempin

4. Harrison Ford worked as a carpenter.

Getty Images/ Pascal Le Segretain

5. George Clooney worked in tobacco fields as a kid . . . and also tried out for the Cincinnati Reds in 1977.  Obviously, he didn't make the team.

Getty Images/Chris Jackson

Plus a few others:

Ashton Kutcher studied biochemical engineering at the University of Iowa.

Tom Cruise was going to be a Catholic priest.  He even went to seminary school.  But one of his classmates says that the two of them got kicked out for stealing liquor from the priests.

Queen Latifah was studying to be a broadcast journalist before she made it big as a rapper.

Gerard Butler studied to be a lawyer at Glasgow University.

Matthew McConaughey was also thinking about a career in law.

Danny DeVito was a HAIR STYLIST.

Angelina Jolie got certified as a funeral director . . . but never actually worked in the field.