Well now, there's a question that has baffled man for lo these many years. Exactly what kind of music does your dog prefer? My dog Hank doesn't seem to be pay a heck of a lot of attention to music one way or another.

It seems that the scientific community wants to know about dog's taste in music, so they went out and got a grant to study dogs and their musical taste. How they could tell whether a dog preferred one kind of music over another, but as a responsible pet owner, I must find out just what kind of music Hank likes.

According to this study, dogs really like reggae. I'm not sure why reggae would appeal so much to dogs, but who can question a big important scientific approach? The bottom line is that, according to these scientist, the dogs reacted most positively to the sounds of Bob Marley and the like. Dogs, the varied animals that they are are not restricted to liking just reggae.

As it turns out, dogs also reacted favorable to what is now called "soft rock." The dogs in the test group also reacted favorably to the likes of Billy Joel., Chicago and Fleetwood Mac. The study didn't include which songs they played by those artist during the test and I don't guess it much matters.

I wonder if the study breaks the whole thing by breed. Now I'm wondering of, say collies, like one style of music over another. Do Cocker Spaniels prefer Billy Joel while the working breeds prefer more of a blue collar mix. More Bob Seger and John Mellencamp.

It's important to note that the dogs were only played 5 genres of music: reggae, soft rock, Motown, pop and classical. Now, I am of the opinion that dogs might like country music. Let's face it...there's a ton of country music out there about dogs. Of course, in most of those songs, the dog dies at the end of the song, so that may not bode well.

I think Hank would prefer sort of a light jazz mix. He's very laid back and pretty cool except when I have to vacuum the floors. He's not crazy about the vacuum cleaner. Baring that contraption, he's pretty much a very cool dog.

How about your dog? Do you think the report is right. I mean, seriously. How many dogs have even heard of reggae? This whole thing about what kind of music dogs listen to sounds like a promotion coming up. I have to go now. I'm going to play some old folk music for Hank and get his reaction. I have a feeling that Hank is going to react the same no matter my choice is in music.

I say we give the old theory a shot. Call your dog in and play this for him. if he tries to light up, he just may be a judge

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