When I was in the 6th grade, I decided that I just had to learn to play a musical instrument. After much debate and soul-searching, I finally decided that I wanted to play the trumpet. I won't go into specific years, I'll just say that trumpets were very popular at the time.

Well, my folks went out and bought me a trumpet and I couldn't put it down. The problem is that I was lousy on the trumpet. Oh, I could squeak out a tune if I had to, but I certainly was not "first chair."

I happened to be in Boy Scouts at the time, so it was decided that I would be the troop bugler. I was terrible. The only way the other guys in the  troop knew what was going on was by using their common sense. If it's night, that must be "Taps", if it's morning then it must be Reveille.

Well, when I watched this video, I thought, "Hey! That kid is so bad it could be me." I'll tell you up-front that the kid is trying to play "The Wedding March." Believe me you wouldn't know if I didn't tell you.

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