A group of African gray parrots who were quarantined together at a wildlife park in Lincolnshire, England. What should have been a few fun months of isolation from humans turned into a school of cussing like a human. Yes, these African Grey's taught each other how to swear. Of course, when the staff members of Lincolnshire Wildlife Park heard the parrots use the "naughty" words they laughed, so in turn, parrots associated swear words with laughter.

Experts claim that it's not uncommon for parrots to learn to swear. They learn words that humans like to use and they mimic us. Even the laughter that follows a swear word. These African Grey's started laughing at their own vulgar comedy. It probably sounded like a loud bar at 2:00 a.m. in that room, but instead of drunks cursing and laughing it was the parrots.

When the park opened back up to welcome visitors the parrots started calling visitors naughty names. Although many visitors found it entertaining, there were children around, and clearly, that is a no-no.

The park made the decision to move them to an enclosure until they don't sound like a bunch of drunks at a bar. The hope is that they will start learning the other parrot's sounds. The park also plans to release the birds back separately. So if they don't learn new appropriate vocabulary it won't be as bad as 5 birds blasting out foul language at the same time.

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