If you prefer live trees over artificial trees, make sure you water those trees every single day. The Consumer Product Safety Commission just released a video of two trees, side by side. Both are real trees, but one tree was watered every day, the other wasn't watered. You're not going to believe just how fast the "dry" tree goes up in flames.

Just how important it is to water your tree every day is highlighted by the fact that, even the tree that has been watered does smolder and smoke a bit, but, chances are, you would notice that in plenty of time to prevent an all-out conflagration.

Watering the tree daily would be a great activity for the kids. Let's face it, they probably love the tree and it will give the little ones an active part in taking care of the tree. Go real if you prefer that, but keep in mind that a Christmas tree can actually soak up a gallon of water a day!





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