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Not only are these bracelets really pretty, but they could also save the life of someone you love. With everything going on in the world today, especially in Shreveport-Bossier City, you can't be too careful.

What if Madison Brooks had been wearing a bracelet like this? Would she still be alive today? How many lives could have been saved if more people knew about this technology? With the touch of a button, this bracelet called 'Flare,' can be paired with your cell phone and alert authorities if you're in need of help, without ever touching your phone. By holding down the button on the bracelet, it can transmit your GPS location and send a message to the five contacts that you provide. I can't think of a better safety measure for women who are realtors and meet people they don't know to show homes or for a young woman going out, a student out on their own for the first time, or anyone traveling solo for that matter.


Imagine having this bracelet while you're out on a bad or awkward date. Feeling a little uneasy, tap the bracelet and it'll cause your phone to ring giving you an excuse to leave using a pre-recorded call that sounds real. It will also contact 911 for you if needed.

I'm thinking this bracelet is a must-have for every woman in your life. I personally wouldn't let my daughter go away to school without one. Heck, I want a Flare bracelet. I'm a single woman and up until now, the best way I could find to keep myself safe was to let my friends know my plans and share my location with them, but that's still not a surefire way to protect yourself. This bracelet is super cool because it comes in multiple designs and most attackers won't recognize it for what it does.

I'm sold. Find out more and get your Flare bracelet today at GetFlare.com.

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