Although it'll be a little cooler this weekend, overall warmer weather means snakes come out sooner – Biologist Annaliese Scoggin tells us increasingly warmer southern weather overall with our shorter winters means snakes are coming out of hibernation sooner – she also cited an ever increasing rat population that entices the serpents to come out for a nutria buffet.

However she noted at this time of year they may not be out for good, they’ll come out on warmer days and then retreat back to their hibernation area on cold nights and days.

Early spring is when snakes are most active and will travel further to find food, female snakes are also out hunting for food for their babies.



Other than watching where you step or reach, other advice is to keep your home clear and free of anything that attracts rodents like trash, rock and brush piles and keep your home properly sealed.

In this part of the country, southern copperheads are the most common snake in western Louisiana along with cottonmouths.

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