Social distancing got you down? Cheer up with your very own three pound, five ounce box of Hashbrown Potatoes directly from Waffle House.

Yes, you read that right. The undisputed heavyweight king of breakfast diners is now offering their famous hashbrowns directly from

Instructions for use are pretty simple. The hashbrowns come pre-cut and dried. All any aspiring Waffle House cook has to do is re-hydrate them with a little hot water and it's off to the races.

They're also offering their waffle mix and coffee, if you want to go for the full Social Distancing All-Star Special*.
(*eggs, toast, grits, bacon, and sausage sold separately)

For added fun, be sure to have someone call out their order (from six-feet away, like maybe from the living room or something) as you fire up the stove.

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