One is 70 years old and the other is 83 and they just don't like each other. One has even placed an article in the paper to keep people for voting for the other.  Their differences finally came to a head and fisticuffs were the result.

70 year old Jerry Wilson is running for the Republican Party Chair in Orange County, Texas. He decided to visit a polling spot and check on his yard signs. Upon arriving he noticed some of his signs had been .... uh ....adjusted. Allegedly 83 year old Kenneth Young was sitting nearby urging voters to vote for Wilson's opponent. When Young was ask he told Wilson that he had ...uh ... adjusted the signs and ask the younger (still 70 years old) Wilson "what are you gonna do about it?"

According to WAFB Young denies saying that. Whatever was said resulted in the two seniors actually getting into a physical fight that left both me injured. It should have left both of them embarrassed!

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