BATON ROUGE, La. (KPEL News) - State Treasurer John Schroder has confirmed to supporters that he is, in fact, running for governor this year.

In a letter to supporters, Schroder wrote "God willing, I will be your next Governor! We will kick off the campaign officially Thursday, February 9" in Mandeville.

Schroder, who has long been expected to make the announcement, will join Jeff Landry and Billy Nungesser - the latter of whom is expected to make an announcement on Tuesday, January 10 - as the top Republicans in the race.

John Schroder and Moon Griffon, twitter photo
John Schroder and Moon Griffon, via Twitter.

"This campaign is not going to be an easy one," Schroder said in the letter to supporters. "We expect a crowded field and know we will have to buck the entrenched political establishment to win, but it is a fight worth fighting for the future of Louisiana."

Schroder first got into state politics in 2008 when he was sworn in as a state representative from House District 77 in St. Tammany Parish. In 2017, he resigned from that seat to devote his full time and effort to running for treasurer, a job he won in 2019.

In his statement, he listed the changes he wants to make as governor.

"We must build faith in government through transparency and accountability," he explained. "We have suffered long enough for our reputation as a politically corrupt, crime ridden, unhealthy and uneducated state!"

Credit: Landry Campaign
Credit: Landry Campaign

The race for governor will be tough, as Landry, currently serving as Louisiana's Attorney General, has already secured endorsements from members of the Louisiana Congressional delegation and the state Republican Party.

Nungesser, meanwhile, announced on Monday that he is opting out of a gubernatorial run, focusing instead on running for re-election as Lt. Governor.

Schroder, like Nungesser, has previously questioned the state GOP's decision to back Landry so early, when no other candidates had yet declared.

“There are a lot of solid conservative Republicans planning to run for governor and all Republicans deserve a right to decide," Schroder said at the time. "Trying to rig the process is exactly what all Republicans should stand firm in opposing.“

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