With the government shut down ongoing and truckers planning a Washington DC rally this weekend .... veterans groups are now joining the protest also. It seems the frustration with our political leaders is growing and Sunday could be a very busy day in our nation's capitol.


The vets became enraged when barricades were put up around the World War II Monument in Washington DC. The vets moved the barricades and simply went around them. It drew a line in the sand between Veterans and President Obama.

Then HBO's Bill Maher added fuel to the fire with his comment "They're the greatest generation - nobody said they were the brightest generation."  veterans sites started to call for a march on the capitol and memes like this started showing up on veterans Facebook pages. Veterans groups are hoping ton gather 2 million at the memorial this Sunday.

Add this to the truckers strike and Washington DC protest this weekend and it would seem a message is being sent. It's hard to finds on specific message in all of this but there is a common theme. Americans are fed up with our elected officials not getting the job done!

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