The Texas summer gives residents a multitude of reasons to be outside and enjoy their time, however, the United States Post Office is asking Texas residents to add this task to their project list and we have all the details.

Photo by Oleksandr Gamaniuk on Unsplash
Photo by Oleksandr Gamaniuk on Unsplash

The USPS would like us to observe "Mailbox Improvement Week". They are urging Texas residents to check and see if their mailboxes are compliant with US mail regulations.

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The guidelines that we should abide by regarding our mails are as follows:

  • The Postmaster General needs to authorize your mailbox.
  • Your mailbox needs to be in working order.
  • Your mail must be shielded from the elements by your mailbox.
  • It must be safe to use your mailbox.
  • To enable your delivery person to access each one, your mailbox needs to be in an accessible location.
  • Your mailbox should have a tidy appearance and be big enough—within permitted dimensions—to accommodate the amount of mail and packages the client receives each day.
Photo by Paula Hayes on Unsplash
Photo by Paula Hayes on Unsplash

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Our mail couriers work very hard throughout the year. Given everything they do, they shouldn't have to deal with mailboxes that are rusted shut, have holes in them, or are fixing to fall off their post.

Let's do them a favor and get outside this week and make sure our mailboxes all across the Lone Star State are up to snuff.

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