Has your pet been vaccinated? Does it have tags?  If not, here's a real quick, convenient way to get that chore handled. Coming up, Animal Services will have not one, but two drive -thru rabies clinics coming up. You can get your pets vaccinated and, if you wish, have them chipped as well with one stop.

The first of the two clinics will be next Saturday, March 28th at the West Cal Arena in Sulphur. The second clinic will be held on April 25th, at Burton Coliseum. the hours for both of those drive-thru clinics will be from 7 a.m. until noon.

It's a state law that all dogs and cats over three months of age are required to be vaccinated and licensed and the pets must wear their tags at all times.

By the way, If you take care of stray animals, you could find yourself defined as that animal's owner. That means you could possibly be held responsible if that animal bites someone. If you take care of those stray animals, it's always a good idea to protect yourself and have them vaccinated as well.

The cost for vaccination is only $8 for spayed or neutered animals or $10 for unaltered pets. The cost for micro-chipping is only $12.

For more information, call Calcasieu Parish Animal Services and Adoption Center at 721-3730.

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