If you're trying to drop a few pounds, the last thing you want is to constantly feel hungry. Well, here are five foods that can actually make you feel hungrier.

1.  White bread.

White bread can cause you insulin levels to go up and make your body think that it needs more sugar.

2.  Fast food.

If you're really trying to lose weight, there is precious little that gets passed thru a drive-thru that will help you reach your goal. Generally, fast food is so loaded with sodium that you tend to get dehydrated. The feeling of dehydration is a lot like hunger pangs.

3.  Alcohol.

There's a hormone known as leptin. Leptin pretty much makes you feel full after you've eaten a good meal. Booze can deplete the leptin levels in your body and make you feel hungry.

4.  White pasta.

White food in general seems to be a no-no when it comes to watching your weight. White pasta, like white rice, is full of carbs that it can cause insulin spikes, and those can make you feel hungry.


5.  Pizza.

It messes with your hormones, your blood sugar levels . . . everything.  Why? Well, because pizza, for the most part, consists of a lot of processed foods and we all know that processed foods are just not good for you. Now, make that pizza at home from fresh ingredients and you'll be okay.

There are more foods that can hamper your attempt at weight loss. And you can read about them HERE


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