As what was Hurricane Fred continues to drift out to sea, a new named tropical storm has formed in the Atlantic Basin. Tropical Storm Grace will be our 7th named storm of the season, but the good news is that it's unlike that Grace will develope into a hurricane.

As of now, Grace has winds of about 40 mph. and it's position is about 285 miles southwest of the Cape Verde Islands. It looks like Grace will track to the west-northwest and should be near the lesser Antilles in about a week. While Grace will probably strengthen a bit over that time period she's not expected to reach hurricane strength.

If that direction sounds familiar, it's because that's the same route taken by Danny and Erika and both of those storms dissipated once they got near the Caribbean. From all indications, Grace will suffer the same fate in a few days.

Fred has now been downgraded to a tropical depression and is moving out over the open Atlantic and will not threaten any landmass.


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