The Allman Brothers had plenty of tragedy in their history and that trail of tragedy has now stricken crew members on the set of a movie about Greg Allman called 'Midnight Rider.'

The crew was busily setting up a scene in the movie when an unscheduled train struck several crew members, killing one of them instantly. Seven others were injured in the accident; one of them was injured so severely that an air lift was required.

According to Variety,

The crew had placed a bed on the bridge’s train tracks to film a dream sequence. They reportedly knew when two other trains were scheduled to cross the bridge, but the arrival of a surprise third train gave them less than a minute to get to safety.


The movie, based on Allman’s 2012 autobiography ‘My Cross to Bear,’ and stars William Hurt as the Allman Brothers Band organist and singer.


A publicist for the ‘Midnight Rider’ production issued the following statement: “All of us on the production team are devastated by the tragic accident that happened today. Our thoughts and prayers are with the family of our crew member.”


The production company has not announced a release date for the movie.

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