The Lake Charles City Council convened on Wednesday to discuss the issue of worsening traffic in SWLA because the I-210 bridge project is scheduled to last 3-4 years.

The council members voted to send a resolution to Baton Rouge, asking state leaders to develop a plan that would shorten the duration of the I-210 bridge project even if that means spending more money upfront.

Asking the Louisiana State Government to spend more money...good luck with that one!

I digress, the resolution they're seeking would increase work hours on the bridge project and add incentives if the contractors finish the project earlier than scheduled.

Alan Dickerson

Lake Charles Mayor Nic Hunter read the letter he sent to the state transportation department secretary during the council meeting:

For the sake of our citizens, for the sake of our business owners, for the sake of government revenue, I ask that additional options be considered to prevent this brewing storm from having devastating effects. -  Nic Hunter

As it stands right now, even with the I-210 project not even started yet, it may currently take a person taking a 10 mile drive from Lake Charles to Sulphur 2 hours to get home after work!  Or vice versa.

Councilman John Ieyoub said Lake Charles should join forces with surrounding cities and with the Calcasieu Parish Police Jury to essentially strengthen their position with numbers as they petition the State Government, and Hunter agreed.

Justin Sullivan

All I can say is I hope they can get something done to shorten the length of the project.  Because if it last 3-4 years, they're gonna have some angry, frustrated, and "done with the whole thing" constituents come next election cycle.