A new global survey by Time Out Magazine asked people to name the sexiest accent in the world, and an American accent came in at #8.  Canada did NOT make the top ten.  Sorry, hosers.

I've always wondered what foreigners think an "American accent" is.  Is it Texas, Deep South, Midwest, New England, Valley Girl or just a blend of everything?  Well, whatever it is, a decent portion of people think it's SEXY.

Top 10 Sexiest Accents In The World:

1.  English with 17% of the vote.

2.  French, 13%.

3.  Italian, 11%.

4.  Irish, 9%.

5.  Spanish, 7%.

6.  Scottish, 6%.

7.  Australian, 5%.

8.  American, 4%.  The same survey a few years ago found we had the SECOND sexiest accent.  So I guess we're slipping.

9.  Brazilian, 3%.

10.  Japanese, 2%.

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