Former Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee kicked off a Father's Day social media war of words with his son Brandon today, culminating with the younger Lee posting video of his apparently knocked-out father from the aftermath of their violent altercation this past March.

It was the elder Lee who first revealed that Brandon knocked him unconscious during a March 5 confrontation over Tommy's critical comments of his ex-wife (and Brandon's mother) Pamela Anderson's appearance on Piers Morgan's television show.

"(He) came in the room angry about my response to Pamela's relentless press about our old relationship, with his dukes up, telling me to get up and fight him," Lee explained in a statement. "When I stood up he pushed me into a wall. I didn't want to hit my son. I never have and I never will. If I wanted to clock him I would have knocked him on his ass. He had no problem knocking me out. I asked him to leave and he spun around and sucker punched me. Knocked me unconscious."

However, Lee apparently would not co-operate in the legal case against his son, which led the Los Angeles County District Attorney to decide not to prosecute Brandon. At the time Lee said Anderson had "poisoned" his sons against him. "I want them to get jobs, stable jobs, consistent jobs, not their inconsistent modeling and acting work here and there that doesn't make enough money for them to survive. I want them to learn what it takes to take care of yourself."

He revisited those themes in the Instagram post that kicked off this latest flurry of activity today, declaring that he feared he had "failed as a father, because my kids don’t know the value of things. If they break something, they don’t care because they know they’ll just get a new one, if they hurt someone, they don’t care because so many people tell them it’s OK. I never wanted this for my kids."

Brandon quickly fired back with a pair of Instagram posts of his own. "If you think we’re so bad (which I can assure you we are not) then you should have showed up to a few more BDays and baseball games," he said in a message that also included a nasty reminder of their recent confrontation: "Remember what happened last time you said this shit? night night."

If there was any question what Brandon was referring to, it was cleared up moments later when he posted a video that seems to show the aftermath of the March altercation with his father. "Look a little sleepy there Tommy," reads the caption.



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