Last Updated: September 3, at 8:44am

The release rates at Dam B increased from a low of 26,000 cubic feet per second to a high of 55,800 cubic feet per second, before falling to the current rate of 41,000 cubic feet per second.

Toledo Bend had earlier increased their releases from 5,000 cubic feet per second to 11,000 cubic feet per second, to an eventual high of 11 open spillway gates at 6 feet each (maximum height is 28 feet), releasing a total of 66,000 cubic feet per second, with an additional 15,520 going through two generators, for a total release of 81,520 cubic feet per second. It is currently operating 11 open spillway gates at 4 feet each, for a total release of 38,490 cubic feet per second.

The Sam Rayburn Reservoir has its entire flood pool available to hold water, and should not need to perform any releases other than what is necessary to maintain power generation. These releases will be limited to around 500 cubic feet per second, and would have a negligible impact downstream.

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