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Three of the biggest streamers on the planet have been missing in action for a substantial amount of time... What gives?

I have spent an embarrassing amount of hours watching Dr Disrespect streams on Twitch. I rarely play video games myself, and also rarely watch Twitch streamers, but that hasn't stopped me from relentlessly watching The Doc for hours on end inside the arena.

Anyone who follows the streaming world, even remotely, should most definitely know that Dr. Disrespect was abruptly banned from Twitch, permanently, at the end of June. His perma-ban was immediate, random, and downright confusing. Before and after his ban, countless streamers have been permanently banned and reason for the bans were almost immediately given. The same cannot be said for the Doc. A full month later, and no one knows why he was banned... Including the man himself.

Now, with every day passing, there's certainly one dynamic worth keeping a close eye on.

Other than the Doc, there are primarily two other mainstream stream-gaming icons, who have also been MIA for weeks. Those two, of course, being Shroud and Ninja. Those two singed monstrous exclusive deals with the streaming service Mixer less than a year ago, and only Ninja has streamed since Mixers immediate shutdown and collapse in June. Ninja streamed on YouTube a couple of weeks ago, but hasn't streamed at all since. Shroud has not streamed at all since Mixers shutdown.

So now, approaching August, three of the biggest streamers in the world are MIA. Does this mean anything at all? Maybe not. Or, maybe the three are planning something together and I think that thought alone should be enough to get us all excited.

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