I'm not lovin' it.

Here I am thinking 2017 Ronald McDonald gives me the heebie-jeebies, when the "It" status, cup-for-a-nose, magic tray wearing, Ronald appears to haunt my dreams forever.

Honestly, I'm surprised McDonalds is even a thing after seeing this commercial. Who in their right mind would willing buy a burger from that 1963 Ronald? I mean, yeah, McD's is delicious, but those burgers are definitely not worth chillin' with that clown.

Oh, and did you know that the OG "hamburger happy clown" was played by Willard Scott? You know Willard, he was the weatherman on The Today Show before Al Roker and now he does those daily Smuckers birthday shout outs on the show. Yeah, that is the same dude that was rocking a Happy Meal on his head in 1963.

Mind. Blown.

Some people might say that the best moment in McDonalds history was in 1983 when they introduced McNuggets, but I'd have to say it was in 1966 when they revamped Ronald's image making him the, still semi-creepy, clown we know and love today.


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