There's been some new developments when it comes to the infamous con-man featured on Netflix. Simon Leviev, a.k.a Shimon Yehuda Hayut, has been sued by the Leviev family for malice defamation and malice invasion of privacy.

Simon Leviev via Facebook
Simon Leviev via Facebook

The "Tinder Swindler" has been making buzz and headlines since its debut on Netflix last month. It's a crazy story of modern online dating and the dangers that come with it. Here's a recap of the documentary, but there are spoilers. You've been warned.

The Leviev family claims that by changing his name, Simon claimed to be a part of a wealthy family with ties to the diamond industry. The real Leviev family says that Simon had intentions to hurt his victims by claiming he was a diamond heir.

The con-man was sued in Israel on Monday.

A lawyer for the Leviev family says that all money recovered from this lawsuit will go straight to Simon's Tinder victims, as they are still attempting to recover the money they lost to him.

Meanwhile, Simon is out free and living his best life. He is reportedly doing club appearances across the world and demanding all those luxury perks he scammed women for. He reportedly only served five months for his crimes before he was released. That's probably the sickest part of this story - he gets to continue to live large while those women he scammed will be climbing out of debt for years and years.

I really hope that beautiful thing called karma swoops down on Simon very soon. Maybe this lawsuit will humble him. The fact that the actual Leviev family wants to give back to those women Simon swindled is admirable. Meanwhile, he continues to fake like he is rich and continues to get treated like a celebrity...

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