So what would you think the official state dessert of Louisiana would be? My guess was bread pudding. I would also think king cake would be a strong contender. It is neither.

getty images/ Christopher Furlong

According to (whoever they are) the official state dessert of Louisiana is Bananas Foster. Here is their reasoning...

Bananas Foster

Louisiana has an unfair number of desserts it could plausibly assert ownership of. There’s king cake, which seems too Mardi Gras–specific to represent the Creole State year round. There’s bread pudding, which I gave to Kentucky on a bourbon-related technicality. There are beignets, which are usually eaten more for breakfast or a snack than for dessert.

Then there’s bananas Foster: invented in New Orleans, adequately boozy, easy to set on fire. Both festive enough for Louisiana’s pre-Lenten revelries and simple enough to make any other time of the year. Yes, bananas Foster will do quite nicely.

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