In the NFL, all 32 teams operate with the same salary cap.

Prior to trading or forfeiting any draft picks, all 32 teams have the same amount to work with.

The draft order is established each year by the win-loss record from the previous season, giving the worst teams in the league an advantage in attempting to improve.

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In other words, the NFL is built for parody.

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While some teams seem to always be good and others are perceived to be perpetual bottom feeders, the truth is, they are all working under the same rules and guidelines. What they do with it determines who is good and who is not.

In college, it's vastly different.

School budgets, traditions, NIL, student housing, scholarships, facilities, and much more gives elite programs a major advantage.

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Teams do not operate under the guise of an equal playing field.

Looking at the opening day 2022 NFL rosters, there are some college programs that don't have a single former player in the league. There are other programs that have many.

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The NFL is made up of players from across the country, but some college programs produce much more NFL talent than others.

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