Alabama Radio Host Thinks LSU Should Have To Forfeit – Here Is Why
An opinion piece by a Tuscaloosa radio host is going viral amongst Alabama football fans as he believes, "The LSU Tigers should be forced to forfeit for its careless, selfish and unsportsmanlike actions". Reports say that the COVID-19 outbreak within the LSU team stems from recent Hallowee…
Bad Night!
Is it just me or is there a glaring similarity between the way the Cowboys and Tigers lost last night? A strong running game will win some ball games. A strong passing game will win some games; but you have to be able to do both to win a championship. Neither team was able to do that consistently la…
Brainiacs Say Saban Is Going To Texas
So the Football Brainiacs are just a few good ole boys who did play college football and pretty much think they know it all. They just might nail this one. Would anyone on this side of the Mississippi really be upset?
LSU Rolled Cowboys Win Big
The Lumberjacks of Stephen F. Austin were no match for the explosive McNeese Cowboys offense as the Pokes won 69-38; but the Crimson Tide proved why they are number one in defeating the #10 LSU Tigers 38-17.
LSU Athletics Earns $114 Million
According to USA Today LSU ranks seventh in the nation in athletic department earnings.
LSU athletics are entirely self supported taking no state tax dollars and no student fees. It is one of only seven schools in the country to do that.
Alabama Fan Abuses Passed Out LSU Fan [VIDEO]
After Alabama beat LSU 21-0 in the National Championship, tons of fans flooded Bourbon Street in New Orleans to celebrate.
One LSU fan who was passed out at a restaurant in New Orleans was captured on video being hazed and abused by Alabama fans.  The Alabama fans seen in the video put trash on the p…

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