Remember when gas prices in Lake Charles were over $4 a gallon?  Well, those times are long gone as the price of gas continues to fall around the city.

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AAA is reporting that the national average price for a gallon of regular unleaded gas is $4.16. That's down around $0.70 from last month. We can place all the blame on California for keeping the national gas price average over $4, because a gallon of gas still cost on average $5.56 in the Sunshine State.

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GasBuddy is reporting that the average tank of gas in Louisiana costs $3.74 a gallon. It also says that the cheapest price in the Bayou State is currently $2.53 a gallon.

If you're not using the GasBuddy app or website before you fill up, you're missing out on savings some big money in the long term. Extra money you could have saved for a vacation or to help pay your crazy electric bill.

K. Conrad
K. Conrad

Here are the current cheapest gas prices in Lake Charles via GasBuddy:

  1. Ryan Street Walmart Neighborhood Market - $3.39/gallon
  2. Sam's Club - $3.39/gallon
  3. HWY 14 Murphy USA - $3.44/gallon
  4. Nelson Rd Murphy USA - $3.44/gallon
  5. Prien Lake Tobacco Plus - $3.49/gallon

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