It's The Most Wonderful Time of the Year in Louisiana.

You can drive down the road and get some delicious crawfish from your favorite restaurants or check out some fabulous food trailers that set up shop all over town. There are countless crawfish hacks we have seen all over TikTok and Instagram however there is one crawfish hack that caught my attention.

I Have Always Been Disgusted By Crawfish Poop.

Do you know that line on the top that holds all the poop? It has always disgusted me and held me back from really enjoying some crawfish, I just can't get over it. Chasity Kern took to her Instagram to test a crawfish hack she had seen and reported that it worked. She said on her Instagram "Saw this hack on here and yall it works!"

Not Everyone Thinks You Need to Get Rid of the String of Poop.

Some Instagram users said "I’m NOT taking nothing OUT! That ain’t nothing but a little extra seasoning!" another Instagram user said "Nah that’s too much work. The goal is to eat as many as possible in the least amount of time. That’s just an extra step." 

If You Want to Learn How to Take the String of Poop Out of Your Crawfish Watch the Video Below.

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