I don't like flying to begin with, but flying during the Christmas holidays is a nightmare. It seems that everyone is not only in a bad mood, but most of them act like 2-year-olds all through the flight. That's bad enough, but the real 2-year-old on the row in front of me is screaming, "No!, Mine!" at the top of her lungs, but she's being drowned out by the guy sitting next to me with the most astounding snoring you've ever heard.

Those are just some of the drawbacks to flying any time, and all those little problems are blown way up during the Christmas rush! We haven't even mentioned the stupid cost of flying yet. Well, there is a way to at least save money - if not your sanity - during the holidays, and that was is to book your flight right now. According to the industry experts, this is the week to book your flight home for the holidays.

It's just under three months to Christmas, and you'll find the prices a bit lower from now until about next Wednesday. There are a zillion places online where you can go to book all your travel plans at once.

The core information for this article came from The Huffington Post, and you can read the entire article HERE.

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