I stole an idea from a fellow radio personality from Boston who asked his listeners what they always take with them when they go out to eat. When this guy asked the question on his radio show, he got all kinds of great responses. People generally replied with items like Italian seasoning, or some other local favorite particular to that area of the country.

I thought it was a pretty good question to start a discussion about how folks in Louisiana all carry their own seasonings when they travel or dine out. I just knew I'd get a ton of people naming Tony Chachere's or Zataran's. Well, I didn't get those answers. I got a bunch of smart-ass replies.
I'm not complaining about the situation. I like the fact that my friends and listeners are smart-alecs. I wouldn't have it any other way. I guess I could have done a plain, boring story about how everyone carries their Cajun seasoning when they go to certain restaurants, but I like your answers better.
Many people did reply with answers like Sweet'N Low or something, but most went straight for a punch line. See? That's what makes my job so much fun. Thanks for responding to my silly question and giving me entertaining answers!
What do you take when you go out to eat? Here are some of the off-the-wall answers I got to that question.
Sammie Carlton
Sammie Carlton Money! Lol

Chilli Joshua Kuehn Fletcher
Chilli Joshua Kuehn Fletcher can drink drink are way too much when you eat out

Mary Beth Hebert
Mary Beth Hebert Bottled Water

Sue Self
Sue Self Hand sanitation

Mallory McGough
Mallory McGough Bottled Water

Lynn Roberts Patton
Lynn Roberts Patton Stainless steel straw

Eric Robideaux
Eric Robideaux Batman mask

John Cox
John Cox Wine. Sometimes "whine" depending on the age bracket of them accompanying me.

John Cormier Jr.
John Cormier Jr. Plastic picnikware.

Joe Klahn
Joe Klahn Diabetics food list......lol.

Jeanie Burrow Vail
Jeanie Burrow Vail Sweet N Low... I've used it for years, I'm diabetic and I always order iced tea. Now almost all restaurants don't have it because it's bad for you!!! And nothing else tastes good to me. 🙅

David Janca
David Janca Freeloader!

Lauren Abate
Lauren Abate Assault rifle and a few hand grenades. Because you never know. (Sarcasm alert)

Edward James Dufilho
Edward James Dufilho Clean underwear.

Robert Sterling
Robert Sterling Taste buds...

Diana Shaw Danna
Diana Shaw Danna Credit card

James Rowe
James Rowe Appetite. Without that there doesn't seem to be much need for going.

Cheri Cowen Landry
Cheri Cowen Landry Stretchy pants... for just in case.

Tony DuPuis
Tony DuPuis whoopee cushion ...

Dale Summers
Dale Summers Shoes :)

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