We've all seen the negative surveys regarding Louisiana over the years. if you believe all those negative surveys, you've got to wonder why anyone would choose to live here.

Over the years we've been pointed out as an example of the worst that America has to offer and I'm really sick of it. I've lived here a long time and the constant demeaning of our fair state has really gotten old. Well, as it turns out, there are a few examples of what a great state it is that we live in and I'd like to tell you about a few areas where Louisiana is a solid #1.

1. Number One State in Annual ACT Gain - Louisiana has taken a bad rap for education for a long time, but you never hear about the fact that Louisiana was ranked most improved in ACT scores in the year 2015.

2. Number one for Major Business Projects per Capita in the South - There's a magazine called Southern Business Development and that magazine named Louisiana as the "Most popular place for business" for the year 2015. Those of us who are watching the business growth right here in our part of the state know that's true.

3. Largest wetland and swamp in the United States - While Florida may be famous for it's swamps, even the Everglades are no match for the Atchafalaya Swamp. It's the largest wetland and swamp in the country.

4. Louisiana is home to the biggest concentration of crude refineries in the country- You can add to that the fact that Louisiana is the 3rd largest petroleum producing state in the country.

5. New Orleans is the most loved city in America - New Orleans was named "America's Most Loved City" by Travel & Leisure Magazine. Meanwhile Good Magazine named New Orleans one of the top cities in the world for two years running.


And all that is just the beginning. There are lots of other areas in which Louisiana excels and you can read all about them at OnlyInYourState.com

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