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Apple AirTags are great and probably one of the best things Apple has released in years. I use the tags on luggage, keys, I even know some people who track dogs.

A San Antonio man found another use for his AppleTag last week when his truck was stolen. The truck was stolen from the man's home this past Wednesday afternoon. He was able to track the missing truck to a shopping center using the AirTag technology.

According to MySanAntonio.com, the man called the San Antonio police and reported the stolen truck, but instead of waiting for authorities to arrive, he decided to confront the thief himself. That's when things escalated and shots were fired.

Police said the man saw his truck in the parking lot, walked up to the stolen vehicle in an attempt to confront the person inside, and some sort of disagreement ensued. Soliz said he could not confirm if the man and the suspected thief argued, but said the car theft victim told police he believed the suspected thief pulled out a gun which prompted "a firefight."

Police said that, at this time, they believe the car thief victim is the only person to have fired shots and could not confirm if there was more than one weapon found at the crime scene.

According to the report, the shooter will not be facing any charges, at least he isn't facing charges right now as the investigation continues.

Law enforcement warns citizens not to confront or take matters into their own hands according to the report.

"... I urge the public to wait for police in this matter," Soliz said in a news conference. "Let us go with you. We have training."

Still, finding your own vehicle and other property is another plus of the AirTag.

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