It seems Boomers and Millennials just can't get along. There was even a viral trend recently making fun of the Baby Boomer generation.

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Baby Boomers were born from 1946 to 1964. They range in the ages from 57-75 years old.

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Buzzfeed recently posted a list of the 35 Things Baby Boomers Are Completely Obsessed With That Make Literally No Sense To Millennials. They found a ton of tweets from millennials complaining about their elders.

Ten Things Baby Boomers Are Totally Obsessed With:

  • The thumbs-up emoji. And using a ton of ellipses in texts
  • Complaining about younger generations not knowing and using cursive
  • Zooming in on every single picture. And filming videos with their iPads
  • Always leaving voicemails, no matter the situation
  • Drinking from the hose and talking about drinking from the hose
  • Nautical-themed bathrooms, including beach, lighthouse, and sailboat décor
  • The lack of TV channels when they grew up
  • Wanting to sit at booths in restaurants. And paying in exact change
  • Talking on speakerphone in public
  • Having a two year supply of cough drops around the house

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