The City of Lake Charles wants motorist in the area need to be aware that the following roads will be temporarily closed.

Currently the northbound/outside lane on Ryan St. is closed to repair a break in a water main.  This closure will last the duration of the workday.  Once crews make the repair the lane will reopen.  Ryan is an extremely busy roadway and police will be on site to assist with the traffic.  However if you can avoid the area, please do so by taking an alternative route.

In addition, starting Monday April 4, 2016 residents who live or travel 3rd Avenue should be prepared for temporary closure of that road way.  The closure will be between 2nd and 3rd street and it's possible that it could last for up to five business days. The purpose of temporary closure is to allow for repairs following a sewer installation.  Those living withing the affected area may continue to have access to the closed street during the construction process. Traffic control will be available during this time for driver safety.

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