Do you remember Taylor Dayne?  Pretty, blonde, good voice, came onto the scene about 20 years before that combination would have made her a megastar?  Apparently she hasn't gone anywhere...


Taylor Dayne: Then and Now

If you don’t recall, let me refresh your memory with some of her more significant hits such as, “Tell it to My Heart”, and “I'll Be Your Shelter”.

Now that your memory is jogged, what do you think ever happened to her?  Well, she didn’t quit music; but in the early 90’s did begin to focus solely on acting.  After a few film roles that didn’t add up to much, she began appearing in the Showtime series, Rude Awakening.  She then hit the Broadway stage in Aida.

Though she didn’t give up her dreams of pop stardom, releasing a return to form pop album in 1998, which included songs such as “Whatever You Want” and “Naked without You”, that landed on the Billboard Hot Dance Club Play chart.  She even had a number one on the same chart with “Planet Love”.  She soon signed to BMG, but when it merged with Sony later that year, she was unceremoniously dropped from her contract.

As far as her life goes now, she’s still working.  Actively looking for television and movie roles, and working on a greatest hits package to be released sometime in the next year.  What do you remember best about Taylor Dayne?


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