I love finding out the back story on songs and movies. That's the kind of stuff that sticks in my brain, or as George Carlin called it, 'brain lint.'

I decided to find out about the word 'Sussudio', and this is what I discovered.

Back in 1985, Phil Collins was pretty much at the top of his form. Phil had just charted his 4th Gold Record and his career was hot.

One day, while Phil was ad-libbing to a drum machine track, he just started using nonsense words to get the melody and pacing down. Of course you've guessed by now that one of those words was 'Sussudio.' Phil planned to go back later and re-write the real lyrics to complete the song, but he found that nothing worked better than 'Sussudio.'

The word stayed in and the record became his 5th Gold Record.

Phil says the song is  about nothing more than a schoolboy crush on a girl.

And, what do you know? Here's a video of the song!


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