Tara Reid ought to think long and hard about doing more comedies because her recent comments are pretty funny.

Reid has been out and about promoting 'Sharknado 2: The Second One.' While you are probably under the (correct) assumption that it's purely silly entertainment, Reid is here to tell you to beware of flying sharks:

You know, it actually can happen. I mean, the chances of it happening are very rare, but it can happen actually. Which is crazy. Not that it -- the chances of it are, like, you know, it's like probably ‘pigs could fly.' Like, I don't think pigs could fly, but actually sharks could be stuck in tornadoes. There could be a sharknado."

Yes, there could be a sharknado, Tara. Absolutely. In the same universe where you win back-to-back Oscars and get tenure as a professor in animal sciences at Harvard.

Get a look at Reid's acting chops and the apparently all-too-real sharks caught in tornadoes in the 'Sharknado: The Second One' trailer below. The movie premieres July 30 on SyFy.

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