The History of Women's Swimsuits
We guys are pretty lucky in that just about anything we wear to the beach is okay. Women, on the other hand, are required to keep up with the latest swimsuit fashions whether they are flattering or not.
Back in the 20s, women even went to jail over their swimsuits...
Women's Ideal Body Types Through the Ages
Many of us spend outrageous amounts of time, energy, and money trying to wrangle our bodies into the picture of society's ideal.  What we need to realize is that the ideal body has changed drastically over the years.  Check out this amazing video that shows how that ideal has changed …
Women in Combat?
This new directive from the Sectary of Defense will open up approximately 237,000 jobs to women in the U.S. Army. Is it a good thing?
Here’s One For The “Old Broads”
Who says women over 55 don't look good? A U.K.  survey found that women aged 55 and older are the most confident with their bodies.  And  three quarters of the women taking this survey said they would never consider getting cosmetic surgery.
Heather’s Website of the Day – Makeover
Every New Year, millions of women pledge to lose weight, take better care of themselves and have more fun in the new year.  This site offers a free style makeover with entertaining how-to articles and videos to help you start your personal style revolution...

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