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This week we had a poll about a poll and we started preparing for Halloween with a Vampire poll. Here is what Lake Charles and Southwest Louisiana said.
Vampire poll
Have you ever taken the Haunted Tour in New Orleans? I was told during the tour was that New Orleans was the Vampire Capitol of the United States. Supposedly there are more vampires in New Orleans than anywhere else in our nation. Do you believe it?
Here’s 10 Vampire Movies That Truly Suck
'Dracula Untold' is hitting theaters this weekend*, and truth be, uh, told, it doesn't look that great. But it could be worse -- a whole lot worse. Cinema has a rich history with blood-suckers, and thanks to the over-saturation in the genre, it's quite rare to see a great vampire film. For every good one, there's at least 10 not-so-good vampire flicks. Honestly, it was hard to choose just 10 because there are some real stinkers out there. As a disclaimer, we kept 'Twilight' out of this because it was just a little too obvious. We all know it's awful, we don't need to beat a dead sparkle-horse. *Does Dracula's story really need to be told again? Yeah, dude, we get it.
Walking Dead Season 4 Sneak Peek [VIDEO]
So are zombies still the coolest thing around. For a while vampires ruled the science fiction world. The undead moved in and stole that crown. Now the world awaits season 4 of "Walking Dead." We have a sneak peek for you.