Crawfish Cornbread Dressing– A Holiday Hit At My House!
A number of years ago, my sister-in-law shared her family's recipe for crawfish cornbread dressing with me. She is an amazing cook, so I didn't believe I could replicate her side dish masterpiece. However, she assure me how easy it was. Sure enough, it has become a holiday hit at my house,…
Tasty St. Patrick's Recipe
St. Patrick's Day is Tuesday and for 24 hours, everyone is Irish. To fully celebrate your 24 hours of being Irish, why not enjoy a great, traditional Irish potato dish called Colcannon? If you like mashed potatoes, your more than on your way to being a fan of Colcannon.
Colcannon is one of the most p…
Super Easy Vegetable Soup
I used this soup a few years ago, mainly as a way to lose weight, but I found that I loved the flavor so much that it became one of my favorites to have anytime.
It really is super easy and it's loaded with nutrients.
It's a great way to lose weight and a great way to warm up these cold wint…

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