Verizon Offering Free Robocall Blocking
I recently switched to Verizon from another carrier. Within the first couple days, I received three calls with the caller ID reading "Potential Spam," and one that read "Robocall." Verizon is reportedly rolling out a free robocall blocking app in the next few days (end of March).…
Russia Calling
If you get a one-ring call from a foreign country related to the old soviet bloc, eastern Europe, parts of Africa, the middle and far east don’t call them back.
New App Forces Your Kids to Call You Back
Nothing is more frustrating that trying to get in touch with your kids and they don't call you back! It's especially frustrating because you pay for their cell phone. Well that is all going to change. Yep ... there's an APP for that!
The app was invented by a Houston mom Sharon Standif…